Toyota should have the moral decency to sell new cars with known faults the vehicle had to be returned multiple times for tailshaft spline shaving and eventual replacement, next is vibrations from plastic in dash at around 2000 revs when cold, very annoying eventually repaired after two visits, third was the tub hard lid that didn’t lock or gets jammed so you can’t open by this...Read more. Off-Road Performance. Rockarmor Elite Hilux 15 Revo Steel bull bar Fitting. However, I haven't got Kakadu so I can't tell for sure :P I'll try to make a picture today. Bought my SR5 A/T in Aug 2016, now touching 40,000 kms. >If you are over 5 foot 10 then the cab ceiling might be a bit low Once you have reached your destination, parked, restart and leave for another destination it keeps directing you back to your original destination. This Hilux is magnificent, traded the Hilux 2014, got the 2017 SR+, more refined vehicle, excellent fuel economy currently getting 9.8 per 100 and I have only travelled 1200km, so more than happy with that. There is a lot to like about the car but 16 months later and I am afraid to say it has been back to the dealer for warranty work more then I'd care to admit. And anyone else saying they're getting good fuel economy may be looking at the trip computer. Re: Genuine 150 bullbar pricing Toyota says it fits on Kakadu. The Eco mode can be used almost all the time, except for serious off-roading, which the truck has handled incredibly well. Local pickup. It's essentially an SR5 with the extra protection parts from the SR-based Rugged. Fuel consumption is high, average 10.2L/100 even on highway cruising(worse than my VW Touareg, which is 3.0 with 2 more cylinders and heavier weight.....). Please contact us at GENUINE 4X4 for stock, freight and orders. im currently as im typing installing ( or trying to ) a genuine toyota bullbar on a kakadu. Just noticed when it is doing the DPF regen, its idling speed at N/P will be little bit higher than normal, and it smells like burning rubber from the exhaust, while EGT is obviously higher than normal. All Toyota Genuine Accessories purchased and fitted to a Toyota are warranted for the remainder of the New Vehicle Warranty or 12 months, whichever is greater. After a serious chat with the dealer manager, Toyota agreed to remove the hard tonneau and issue me with a refund of what I paid for it. If you want an around towner with the ability to do some basic offroad at the weekend then OK.I bought this new and in the first three weeks I had a problem and had to nag the dealer (no fault found a few times) and finally they found a tailshaft problem that was a known and substantial fault for some same model Hilux's (so maybe should have picked up in pre-delivery!!??). The Genuine Bocar Stockade series of black steel bull bars combine style and functionality, making this bull bar the perfect frontal protection system for your Toyota Hilux 06/18 +. ARB Bullbar or Genuine 23-03-2016, 10:17 AM. I am fine as I am only 173cm but that’s why there are test drive...Read more.